There is also a surfer's paradise on the south coast district of Malang, East Java. The surfing location is in Wedi Awu Beach. The beach is in one package beach tourist destinations in South Malang, namely "BOWELE" (BOlu Bolu, WEdi Awu, and LEnggoksono Beach). Many foreign tourists, as tourists from Japan, America, and others are enjoying the afternoon with surfing at the end of Wedi Awu Beach, Purwodadi, Tirtoyudo Beach, Malang. Most of them come from Bali in groups. Mostly, travelers and surfers at the Wedi Awu Beach are not form local region. Generally, the visitors of this beach are foreign tourists. Perhaps the foreign tourists are bored with the beaches in Bali because of crowded surfers. While, the atmosphere in Wedi Awu Beach is still quiet, so that it's interesting foreign tourists to better enjoy surfing.

Good wave for surfers at the Wedi Awu Beach is during the dry season when the full moon and the final month of the Javanese calendar. When a good season, waves on the beach can reach a height of three meters. Wave on the Wedi Awu Beach is more suitable for professional surfers, because under the coast there are many rocks. But do not worry for novice surfers, because the location Wedi Awu Beach is near to Lenggoksono Beach where this beach is suitable for beginners. In addition to the wave is not too high, as well as the basis of Lenggoksono Beach is sand.

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