If you happen to be in central Flores do not miss to stop at Cunca Rede Waterfall. Situated in Sano Lokom village, Borong sub-disctrict, East Manggarai district, this approximately 30 meters high waterfall flowing fresh spring water and offers you spectacular view that will refresh your soul. This place can be reached by 2 hours drive from Borong city.

The local people call it Cunca Rede as the descending stones are quite looking similar to stairway. This spring water has been watering around eight Lingkos, locally called for traditional farming area. Blowing wind delivers humid vapors to the surrounding rocky walls as the huge drops of the splashing water falling in to the ground. The massive water flows from time to time, is almost unchanged even though during the dry season where it flows downstream to the southern coast.

Diplazium-esculentum Swartz are common vegetation found around this waterfall, and the local people consume them as vegetable dish. The forest around the waterfall is also a home for various tropical trees and other floras, including wild orchids. Some familiar bird sounds like Helmeted Friarbird or Philemon Buceroides is also easily heard from distance.

Amazing scenery of rice terrace will welcome you soon as you arrive at the crossing of Wae Musur and Wae Pagel rivers. Make a stop here to breathe the freshness of the atmosphere. There is another waterfall quite near to Cunca Rede. Cunca Ncuar, a bigger debit of water waterfall but way shorter by its altitude coming from Wae Musur Spring.

On your way back dare yourself to take river ‘shower’ in the little river Wae Musur. Just be careful as the river stream goes a bit strong, and make sure you find a right safe spot near the river’s bank. After refresh yourself, you will be ready to stroll down the street with your backpack again!