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    Potential of Religious Tourism in Larantuka

    A small subdistrict in East Flores, East Nusa Tenggara with name of "Larantuka" turns hold the potential of religious tourism. In this place, every year, there is held traditions of Semana Santa in celebration of Passover. Semana Santa is a Portuguese heritage that combines rituals of Catholicism and indigenous of Larantuka. People of Larantuka from generation to generation have been carrying out Semana Santa for 500 years.

    It has become a tradition every year. People of Lembata, one district of East Nusa Tenggara, also has celebrated Passover Day at the Larantuka Cathedral Church together with Catholics from many areas. Certainly, half of the residents of Lembata also has left the village to follow the Passover traditions and religious rituals in Larantuka. Several residents of Lewoleba also has gone to Larantuka after the first Palm Sunday Mass. Most other residents has departed following the Passover tradition in Larantuka at Monday or Tuesday.

    Procession of Good Friday in Larantuka is known locally as the Semana Santa. Thousands of Catholics do procession the statue of the Virgin Mary (Tuan Ma) and the statue of Jesus (Tuan Ana). The celebration of Passover tradition in Larantuka is different because it has a tribal rituals and religious ceremonies. Passover in Larantuka is more festive and more people come. Not only Catholics celebrate the Passover tradition, but also to others even from other religions who want to watch or even followed the ritual of tribal traditions when celebrating the Passover.

    During the celebration of Semana Santa, Larantuka which usually has a quiet atmosphere, now suddenly this district is crowded. Even the hotels are full. Airline tickets, rental cars, and the ferry are also full. Not to mention, the pilgrims from all over Indonesia and overseas also came to follow the procession Semana Santa. These pilgrims has traveled on religion during the week. One of these travelers are from Bogor and Jakarta, but work in Manggarai, East Nusa Tenggara.

    Larantuka has many Catholic religious sites which could be developed for religious tourism. Not to mention, the scenery of Larantuka is beautiful, combination of sea and mountain. The main obstacle to this tourism place is inadequate accommodation. Lack of lodging increasingly felt in the celebration of Semana Santa.

    Article Source: travel.kompas.com
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