Takat Segele, the supermini island which is not covered by the sea is only about 6 meters in width in the central part of about 2 meters. The shape of this island is not rectangular, but oval. Takat Segele is another tourist charm in sea water of Moyo Island, Labuhan Badas District, Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara. In addition to being a paradise divers surface (snorkel), Takat Segele which is a miniature of the coral island also attracts tourists to simply take pictures or down from the ship to set foot in the shallow surface. The travelers usually play water and observe small fish in Takat Sagele.

The water around the small land-tiny is very clear, so that the inside of the supermini island is apparent. Outside the visible part, the water is very clear with the deep water, as well as the region's waters. Branching coral around Takat Segele which is included in the genus of Acropora grows quite fertile. In Takat Segele, without goggles, the colorful small fishes that are moving swiftly can be seen clearly.

Takat Segele has meaning "the mound of coral gravels". This supermini island is like a "Gosong" Island that found in other places in Indonesia, such as the Thousand Islands in Jakarta or Karimun Jawa in Central Java. Some mini islands in Indonesia are usually formed by sediment fractions, corals, and other marine animals.

Takat Segele is located about 3 kilometers from Labuhan Haji, a village that became one of the berthing ferries on Moyo Island. Charter-boat which serve crossings to Moyo Island is the remain of blast fishing in marine waters of Moyo Islandin 1995. The dead corals die from bombings are hit by currents of various directions, then gathered in the middle. But, at present, around Takat Segele, there are not all dead coral.

At high tide, especially at dusk, Takat Segele is only seen the tip. During low tide, this island will be visible mounds as high as 2 meters. Various activities can be done by travelers in Takat Segele with the extent of about 1 hectare, such as swimming, diving surface (snorkeling), and diving. Snorkeling area has a depth of up to 3 meters that is encircle Takat Segele, while for diving area has a depth of 15-25 meter. Takat Segele becomes one of the favorite of travelers, both domestic and foreign, while visiting the island of Moyo.

Takat Segele is indeed be part of the package offered to tourists who come to Moyo. Not only the water attractions, travelers can also enjoy the sunset from the ship.

Article Source: travel.kompas.com