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    Curug Jenggala - Exotic Waterfall with Trendy Selfie Spot in Purwokerto, Banyumas

    Curug Jenggala is beautiful waterfall with unique iconic of tourist area. Distance to this waterfall is about 17 kilometers from Purwokerto, Banyumas, with a travel time about 45 minutes to 1 hour using a motor vehicle. On arrival in the Kalipagu Village, travelers can purchase admission ticket about 5,000 Rupiah per person. Approximately 800 meters before the waterfall, because of limited road access, two-wheeled vehicles must be parked in the courtyard houses with a cost of 2,000 Rupiah per motorcycle.

    From the park, travelers can walk along the cobblestone streets and 1 meter wide footpath on the edge of the water pipe hydropower (PLTA) Ketenger. While walking, travelers can enjoy the paddy fields, natural hills, and natural forest in the Forest Management of Unit Perum Perhutani Banyumas. Steep and narrow path can be taken about 30-45 minutes. Travlers can take another alternative with hiring a motorcycle service of local residents with the cost of 10,000. So, travelers just take short walk down to the hill and across the river about 15 minutes before arriving at the waterfall.

    Typical icon of Curug Jenggala is composed of a deck of love hibiscus or heart-shaped timber. On the deck, travelers can do selfie photo with background of four cascades from Jenggala waterfall. If travelers want to get a photo with the composition of the whole deck and views of this waterfall, the management of Curug Jenggala has also provided a platform 1.5 meters in front of the deck of love. Curug Jenggala now is managed by local residents. Capital to buy wood and make love bridge deck was provided by Perhutani, while residents had worked together to organize this tourist area. At least 30 people were engaged to manage the resort. They shared the duties, including keeping the counter inside, business development, and security.

    In the region of Curug Jenggala, there are also some tourist attractions, like Curug Penganten, Curug Muntu, Site of Batur Lumpang, and Mount of Love. Curug Jenggala is also in the meeting between the Banjaran River and the Mertelu River. Curug Jenggala is also flanked by two hills, namely Cipokol Hill and Ciangin Hill which Cipokol has meaning of water, while Ciangin has meaning of dew. Water flowing in Curug Jenggala has meaning "water of paradise" which it can give life to the citizens.

    To maintain harmony and preservation of the environment, local residents or travelers are prohibited from littering, do not do nasty, and respect for local knowledge. And for safety reasons, travelers are prohibited from down and splashing around the waterfall which is about 15 meters when it rains and overcast upstream as prone to flooding.

    Article Source: travel.kompas.com
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