The beach with beauty white sand is called Jodoh Beach. Jodoh is Indonesian language that has meaning of "soulmate" in English. Jodoh Beach is located in Jodoh Village, Batauga District, South Buton regency, Southeast Sulawesi. Jodoh Beach has a beauty of small waves that dancing on the surface of white sand. Some large rocks are stood up not far from the white sands, adding to the beautiful natural charm of this beach. With the move of leaf blade palm, Jodoh Beach has some shelter, so it's very convenient to recreation place when travelers come together with the family.

This beach is not only frequented by local residents, but also other districts. On Saturday or Sunday, many people come to visit this beach. The travelers who come to this beach, many of the City Baubau or Pasarwajo. But if an ordinary day, the beach is quite. Jodoh Beach is really very nice. There are many travlers who come together with extended family or with their friends.

Distance entrance to this beach is not too far from the main road. Entrance fee of Jodoh Beach to the car is 10,000 Rupiah, while the motor is 5,000 Rupiah.

Jodoh Beach has white sand. Besides on that, when the water receded, there is a stretch of white sand that is still wet. The scenery of this beach is also interesting here. Many travelers who are interested to come here again later.

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