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    Swimming with Dolphins in Cahaya Beach


    Cahaya beach is the mainstay attractions of Kendal in Central Java. Since 1999 it has become the first mammal conservation institutions in Indonesia, particularly dolphins.

    The dolphin show at Cahaya beach makes it one of the most complete tourist spots in the northern coast of Java. At the beach, visitors can enjoy not only swimming and diving in the sea water, or walking on the sand, but also watching the dancing dolphins.

    Though you can come anytime to the beach, the afternoon before sunset is the most awaited moment by all visitors. Because at this time, you could watch the sunset from the hotel gazebo or balcony. Or you can also go to the beach, sitting in a deck chair under an umbrella watching the beautiful sunset.

    You can rent a hut on the beach, for Rp. 50,000 you can stay from morning till afternoon. The hut provides a locker to put your belonging when you want to take a walk on the beach. From the hut, you can also enjoy the sunset.

    This tourist attraction is divided into two parts. In the east there are water games with 3 types of pools, namely, a children's pool, a pool for adults and a floating pool. The pool for children is equipped with the spill buckets games and sleighs. As for adults, there is a competition pool with 6 tracks, and location is very attractive. It is on the waterfront so while swimming you can enjoy the view with the waves. While in the floating pool, you can have some relaxation. It is like in the Dead Sea in the Middle East. Because once you get into this pool, your body will instantly float and not sink. At the time you were floating in the pool, you need not fear of having suntburnt. Because the pool is equipped with an awning, which makes it shady and cool. But if you want to try relaxing in the floating pool, you have to wait in line, because the pool is only for 8 people.

    As said before, the main attraction of Cahaya beach is the dolphin shows held four times a day, starting at 09:00 am until 15:00 pm. In 1999 another facility called the dolphin therapy was opened. Visitors who suffer from certain diseases such as stroke, allergies or for children with special needs should try dolphin therapy which is the first in Indonesia. Usually visitors who want to take the dolphin therapy would stay at the hotel nearby.

    Source: http://www.en.voi.co.id/voi-indonesian-wonder
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