In addition to natural attractions such as Mount Kerinci and Tujuh Lake in Kerinci regency, Jambi has alternative of other attractions. One interesting place to visit is the Jambi Muaro Temple travelers. The reason for visiting this temple is the archaeological site with an area of ​​approximately 12 square kilometers. Travelers can get to know the culture of Jambi and the world community can spread the experience. For travelers who are Buddhists, they can appreciate the culture of their ancestors by tracing the history.

Moreover, when the travelers come to region of Muaro temple, travelers can also try to stay in the homes of residents. At homes of residents, travelers can interact with local residents. The interaction of travelers with local residents will be able to learn about culture of Muaro. Administrator of business tour in Muaro Temple offers tour package in three days and two nights. With the tour packages that is offered, travelers will also feel a boat ride on the Batang Hari River. Then later on, travelers will be invited to explore the culture of the artifacts that are found in Muara Jambi. When the travelers arrive at this tourist place, travelers will be accompanied by guides who will explain the artifacts here (Muaro Temple)

Jambi Muaro temple is located 30 kilometers or about 30 minutes using a motor vehicle. The location of this temple which is directly in the path of the Batang Hari River to become a favorite location for a tour of history and nature.

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