Kotamara, not a city name with anger, but this is one of the most beautiful areas in the city of Baubau, Southeast Sulawesi Province. Yes, we can enjoy the beautiful sunset while sitting on concrete with a cup of coffee. Kotamara which was built in 2010 has become a favorite place to hang out for young people of Baubau City and surrounding areas. In addition to being a place to hang out, this is also used as a place for community sports. In this place, the traveler can also enjoy the twilight.

Kotamara is an area of ​​the reclamation of the Nganganaumala Village, up to Wameo Village, Batu Poaro District. Region of Kotamara is always crowded every afternoon where many people are sitting on the concrete seafront hang it. But there are people do jogging in the afternoon because the atmosphere of Kotamara in the afternoon is very supportive to do sports activities.

Besides having the trajectory of the long road, there is also a wide enough field. The field is used the local government to hold various events. Also, in the Kotamara, there is also a mosque that located right on the seafront while under construction. Near the mosque, there is a green garden a place to relax for families.

Every afternoon, a lot of people come in this Kotamara region. Then, in the evening or night of the week, this place is getting very crowded. Especially if there are exhibitions here, this place will be more crowded. In the evenings, although some areas have not been given some street lamps, but this areas are always safe. The Kotamara region has always maintained by municipal police and also routine patrol by Police of Baubau every night.

Article Source: travel.kompas.com