Gunungkidul has the potential of outstanding natural attractions. Tourist spots are emerging in one district on the south side of Yogyakarta. Gedad Waterfall that often called ATG (Air Terjun Gedad) by the surrounding community, is one of a new tour in the hamlet Gedad Banyusoco Playen, Gunung Kidul. The waterfall tour had been opened by the Gedad youth villagers since December 2016. Although it is relatively new, but the visitors of Gedad Waterfall are continued to arrive every day. When holiday comes, this waterfall is very crowded by visitors, even foreign tourists from Korea have also visited this waterfall.

According to the story of Sahid, one of the residents that live near this waterfall, said that Gedad Waterfall was discovered by a teacher of Islam named Abu Dardak. Kiai Abu Dardak wa person who found the Gedad Waterfall. He was digging in Mount Nggrunggung and opening the flow of underground water, and then subjecting it to Gedad District this past cliffs of the mountains, and one of them be Gedad Waterfall.

With a drive across the paved roads, travelers will enter the territory of a small road rocks with uneven surfaces as far as 300 meters. Parking vehicles in the houses of local residents make visitors have to walk about 50 meters to get the location of the waterfall. The streets of village are in the form of limestone into a field that should be taken when walking. The high shade trees become typical rural scenery on the way to the waterfall. On the side of the road, travelers will also see food traders who try to find their luck on the opening of the Gedad Waterfall. A wide variety of food and drink are offered by traders the time along the rural road.

Arriving at the site, visitor will see a small waterfall and only visible in the shower like a river. But wait, it's not Gedad Waterfall. The famous Gedad Waterfall is behind the limestone cliffs, right after passing the road down to the left of the small waterfall earlier. Arriving at the location of Gedad Waterfall, visitors will be treated to a captivating natural scenery. This waterfall has clear and clean water, as well as the swift flow of the waterfall that hit large rocks, make split water bath radiance. Bridges of wood and bamboo and coconut trees towering add to the exotic location of this waterfall. On top of the Gedad Waterfall, there is an Islamic school (pesantren) which is the legacy of Kiai Dardak. This Islamic school (pesantren) is now managed by his son. Natural scenic beauty of Gedad Waterfall is able to amaze the tourists.

Until now Gedad Waterfall continues to be managed by the youth people in the village. Signpost boards begin to work on, so that no confusion when travelers will be heading to the tourist attractions of the waterfall. To enjoy the natural charm of Gedad Waterfall, travelers must buy entrance fee of 5,000 Rupiah which includes parking of vehicles.

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