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    Syahbandar Tower - Spot of "Zero Point" and The Tallest Building in Batavia Era

    Before the National Monument Jakarta is set to zero point area, the actual city that has been 489-year-old had set a zero point since the colonial era. The zero point was located at Batavia Syahbandar Tower in Jalan Pasar Ikan No. 1, North Jakarta. Yesterday, a researcher that came from abroad to here (Tower Syahbandar) measured about zero pint area. The researcher also found there was a stone that inscribed with Chinese writing. Maruri, Jakarta's old city tour guide, explained that the first tower was a bastion of Kubu Syahbandar Culemborg that destroyed by Daendels in 1808. Then, in 1838, the bastion founded the Syahbandar Tower or in Dutch it was called "De Uitkjik Post" as a watchtower and the customs office (tax export Import).

    Syahbandar Tower with the height about 18 meters had a vital function during the colonial era. From this tower, the officers in colonial era oversaw the exit sign vessels carrying commodities, especially spices product. Syahbandar Tower was visible from the location of the first Batavia fish market, which is now a spice warehouse Maritime Museum, VOC shipyard which is now function into a restaurant, to Kota Intan Bridge.

    In the 17th and 18th centuries, the river water in front of the Syahbandar Tower was clear at all, it could be drunk directly. Even, the water was sale on the era. But, don't ask what the color of river water in front of the Syahbandar Tower now. From the smell alone, it's clearly unfit for consumption.

    Syahbandar Tower is also dubbed the Leaning Tower, as tilted to the south due to declining soil surface. Fortunately, The Syahbandar Tower building itself is quite well maintained with solid teak staircase and new paint. The outside of this building is clean.

    Syahbandar Tower which had passed its heyday has now changed into history recreational sites. The tower is no longer the highest. Even so, from the window, we could see buildings towering skyscrapers of the modern city Jakarta.

    Article Source: travel.kompas.com

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