Laki Island is a marine tourist area in the Thousand Islands cluster (Kepulauan Seribu). A tourist destination which opened in 1988 and soon crowded. The uninhabited island about 30 hectares.

With the current conditions are not so strong waves, the island is also a convenient place for visitors who like fishing.
Some of fish that can be obtained while fishing on Laki Island is fish Baronang Tompel, Baronang Angin, yellow tail, lencam, grouper, Kapas-kapas, Tanda-tanda. If you are lucky, you can get the fish to the largest size as fish Baronang Tompel 7 fingers.

Of course the view of the sea on Laki Island is no less beautiful sights in the Thousand Islands cluster more. Here, visitors can enjoy the white sand beaches are still beautiful, clear sea water, and witnessed the diversity of marine life. To get to Laki Island, more practical to ride a motor boat on Mauk Beach, Sepatan, Tangerang. When the speed boat, from Mauk takes about 25 minutes.