Cikarae Cave is one of sites of special interest, ie as a tourist attraction for researchers and a group of nature lovers. This cave is used for research and educational for nature lovers. Average visitors who come to Cikarae Cave are young people in which visitors enter Cikarae Cave understand about it. Activists who had entered Cikarae Cave are researchers from the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), and student groups such as nature lovers from Trisakti University, Budi Luhur University, Bogor Institute of Agriculture, University of Pakuan, and the University of Indonesia.

Group of nature lovers secondary school level also visit in Cikarae Cave. A student from Vocational High School (SMK) 56 Pluit, North Jakarta, Irwan Dianto Pratomo said that he visited with 25 people to Cikarae Cave in the framework of the basic training of students of nature lovers. So, activities in Goa Cikarae is a series of educational activities. Besides on that, a trip of nature lovers to Cikarae Cave is to learn photography of natural object.

Cikarae Cave is located in one of the fields in the village of Leuwi Karet, Klapanunggal subdistrict, Bogor, West Java. The horizontal type of Cikarae Cave is in the karst of Klapanunggal Region. Around of Cikarae Cave, there are several other caves like Cidomba, Ciamung, Cikenceng, Keraton, Beling, and other caves.

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