The cool and airy temperature begins to be felt when entering this area that is full of trees. The sound of falling water begins to be heard from a distance when entering the area of ​​the Tirta Rimba Nature Park that is located in the city of Baubau, Southeast Sulawesi. In this nature park, there is "mini" waterfall with a height of about 12 meters and it's a favorite place for local residents of Baubau City and surrounding areas. This waterfall is so beautiful, so many visitors feel comfortable to linger in this area. The place is cool and a bit cold with nice and beautiful scenery. Many local people come here for refreshing sometimes alone.

Tourism of Tirta Rimba Nature Park is located in the Kadolomoko Village, Kokalukuna District. There are many dense grove of trees in this park. Entering this area, on the left side, there is the river flow of the waterfall. Tirta Rimba Waterfall is often visited by visitors from outside the city of Baubau. Most of the visitors do selfie photo with the background of the falling water.

Tirta Rimba "Mini" Waterfall will look good during the rainy season, so the river flows to the sea. However, when the dry season, this waterfall becomes too dry.

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