Want to try the thrill of camping in the middle of a pine forest along with panoramic plains of Central Java? "Bumi Perkemahan Mawar" at the Foot of Mount Ungaran, Central Java could be an option. "Bumi Perkemahan Mawar" (Rose Campgrounds) is located in the hamlet of Kluwihan, Village Sidomukti, Bandungan District, Semarang regency. One manager of Rose Campgrounds who is member of the community of nature lovers Sakpala, said that Rose Campgrounds could accommodate about 300 tents.

In this camp area, there are electricity, water, toilets, parking of vehicles, as well as custody officers. Travelers also can reserve the best places for camping. There are two places of water sources in the area camping ground which the one is at the top of the tent area near base camp area. There are 12 toilets with running water continuously even when the dry season. For travelers who do not want to run out of battery power as your device to document the moment, you don't need to worry. There are rollers cable facilities at a fee of 100,000 Rupiah per night. Travelers can make reservations up to one week prior to camp. However, if you do not want to troublesome, the tourists can come or call to registration centers. If during the holiday, traveler is recommended to make reservation because it is crowded and full. For example, two days before booking

There, travelers can set up a tent to the east and directly facing toward the sunrise. In fact, one cellular provider is still providing internet signal and it can still be used around the campground. For reservation or booking fees tent area, managing of the campgrounds fix the price about 7,000 Rupiah for two days one night, 9,000 Rupiah for three days and two nights, 11,000 Rupiah for four days and three nights, and 12,000 Rupiah for five days and four nights. This price is valid for one person. Then add one evening, visitors will be charged again 3,000 Rupiah per night.

For travelers who do not want to bother to cook, can go on the side of the entrance area of ​​Ungaran Mountain in climbing lane. There are snacks and heavy meals like rice and side dishes that can be enjoyed.

Article Source: travel.kompas.com