Lipuogena Takimpo Fort

Buton Island is known as one thousand fortes. Why not, in the BauBau District, city of Buton, Southeast Sulawesi, there are also several other fortifications. One of fortes is Lipuogena Takimpo Fort that located in the Takimpo Village, Pasarwajo District, in Buton. Takimpo Lipuogena Fort is located on the top of township residents. Precisely, it is located in a hilly area with take about 15 minutes from the township residents. When the visitors have been at the top, there is the gate of the fort that stand firmly. When entering into this fortress, visitors will be greeted forage trees that still grow thick around the fort.

In addition, from afar, Pasarwajo Bay looks very beautiful from the top of the Lipuogena Takimpo Fort. This fort has five pieces small doorway or in local language it's called Lawa. List of "Lawa" names are Lawa Naemata, Lawa Sampu, Lawa Nawakeke, Lawa Kolowundanga, and Lawa Pibuni. Inside the fort, there is also galampa or customary place. So, if there is party village, it will be performed first in the castle and then it will proceed to the village. Villagers said that the fort was also called bastion of the Sultanate of Buton.

View of Pasarwajo Bay When You See from This Fort

Moreover, inside the Lipuogena Takimpo Fort, there is also traditional elder seat that made of stone. Not described in detail, but the traditional elder seat is made as a seat inauguration of indigenous leader or parabela of village. However, there are also tourists who sit there and take pictures on the stone.

Well, if you are visiting the island of Buton, this is the time to see direct exotic view of Takimpo Fort.

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