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    Adventure in the Ramma Valley, Loire in Foot of Mt. Bawakaraeng

    Ramma Valley is located at the foot of Mount Bawakaraeng and Mount Lompobattang. Actually, Ramma Valley is mostly located at the foot of Mount Bawakaraeng. That is why many travelers, especially climbers, making Lembanna Village in Malino, Gowa, as a starting point toward Ramma Valley. The Malino is a plateau in Gowa which become one of the tourist place.

    Lembanna is a village at the foot of Mount Bawakaraeng that almost never empty of travelers. Both tripping up to Mount Bawakaraeng and Valley Ramma, generally start from this village. Lembanna Village has cold temperate, with settlements between the various horticultural crops. Lembanna is about 80 kilometers from Makassar. Lembanna can be reachable using two-wheeled vehicles and four wheels of Makassar. Local Residents of Lembanna Village are very friendly with visitors. The door of every house is always open to anyone, and the lodging of Lembanna Village may also be a place to stay before continuing the journey. Homeowners also will be happy to cook for each guest who come. Normally, travelers would give partial of provisions that were taken to be cooked, and other part is taken from the gardens around the house. Then travelers enough give money to the owner of the house.

    If traveler does not want to stay at Lembanna, Malino tourist area can be an alternative. At this location there are many inns, hotels, and restaurants. The rental price is varies inn, starting from 200,000's to millions Rupiah. Distance between Malino and Lembanna is about 20 kilometers.

    Ramma Valley, since a few years ago to be alternative place, especially for people who love to adventure travel. In addition to its beauty, a climbing trip is quite easier than climbing Mount Bawakaraeng or Lompobattang, so that is making Ramma Valley can be reached, even by those not accomplished climbers.

    From Lembanna, a trip to the Ramma Valley is started by exploring the plantation. Gardens of carrots, onions, potatoes, and passion fruit are some of the rows of plants that extend decorate the sides of the road. Apart from the gardens, travelers have to explore the forest, ranging from rare forest trees and lower part, there is also a forest of reeds to meeting the large plants.

    Climbing, downhill, through the rocks, and large tree roots, are challenges to be passed when you go to Ramma Valley. But there are signs and instructions that allow the travelers to Ramma Valley. There are also several points such as the T-junction or intersection into a hiking trail to the summit of Bawakaraeng. However, the instructions are very detail to direct visitors, if going to Ramma. There are several stopovers between Lembanna-Ramma. This stopovers are in the form of a river with huge rocks and clear water, as well as some field soil. Usually at each stop, travelers will eat food and beverage which they bring while taking a break. Not a few climbers who carry a small stove, brewing coffee at this stopover place. Many travelers who often linger in the journeys, simply enjoy the atmosphere of the river, the jungle, and the chirping of birds.

    There are several points of travel route that more challenging, such as the rise and fall through the big rocks with tree roots of which resemble stairs. This route is still relatively safe and it can be passed by anyone.

    Although a bit challenging, as alternative place, Ramma Valley is almost never deserted visit. Every week, there are groups of travelers. Even, when the holiday season and the moment of independence day, oath of youth, the hero, until New Year's Eve, the amount of travelers which came to be in the hundreds in a single visit. Moments like this, Loire Ramma Valley is crowded with tents of travelers.

    Generally, travelers who visit to Ramma Valley only stay one or two nights. Only a few are staying longer than that. Usually, travelers who stay more than two nights are group activities. Ramma Valley, no matter how challenging and it took a bit of trouble, yet every body want to come here more than just once. Generally, travelers are always left Ramma Valley with promise that they will come back. Charm of Ramma Valley seems to be a magnet that always attract people to come back.

    Article Source: travel.kompas.com

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    wow...awesome place...i like it

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