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    Segenter Waterfall - Natural Beauty of "Heaven" Behind A Long Struggle Journey

    It is not an easy thing to achieve Segenter Waterfall that located in the district of Narmada, West Lombok regency, West Nusa Tenggara. The main reason is its location that is difficult to reach. Not just remote, but must go through the state roads are unfit traversed private vehicles. This waterfall is located in the Kumbi Village, so most residents, including tour guides, also call the "Kumbi Waterfall". From the city center, traveler will cross several villages, such as Suranadi, Gontoran, and stop for a moment in Sesaot before entering into Nuraksa Forest Park. Along the way, traveler will find a representative of road infrastructure.

    Traveler will also find a meeting between the end of the paved road and the beginning of the dirt road. It can be said that the road is not friendly to private vehicles in general because the width is only fit for one car, so one must pull over when passing. Lush reeds plus canopy of trees, that grow wild, cover of the road. Winding dirt road goes up and down as well as require every vehicle to utilize the features of their double axle. At some point, there is a puddle of water as deep as 30 centimeters and often contain only mud puddle.

    The journey has not ended because the traveler must descend stairs as far as 50 meters that is made of cement and newly built in 2013. Previously, travelers who want to come should go down or go up using ropes. Journey that is full of challenges must be passed because Segenter Waterfall is hidden in the thick foliage. That should be done by the traveler is a stair treads down one by one because the roads are steep and winding.

    The situation in the waterfall is still beautiful, look no seller or a notice board in the vicinity. It could be a positive or negative because tourists can not get more information about these waterfalls, such as the upper reaches, where the river flows into this, and endemic species that are exist in the Segenter Waterfall.

    Currently, Segenter Waterfall can be visited without having to pay the levy, at least until the government's plan draw up regulations regarding charges that are completed. Other obstacles for travelers are they can not come alone to this place, but they must rent car, both from hotels, airports, and travel agencies that are scattered in West Lombok district or Mataram. Package to get around to some of the tourist attractions in Lombok can spend at least 1.5 million Rupiah per person. Every weekend, there are at least 50 tourists who come to this place.

    Article Source: travel.kompas.com
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