A gentle breeze is felt while in the coastal areas of this beautiful. Calm sea is seemed to show how nature is so very friendly to humans and other creatures. From a distance, it looks a little kid who playing sand while others are seen swimming in the ocean. The beach is very enjoyed by residents because the sand looks black. When the water is subsided, the color of the sand is very visible from a distance.

This beach is located in the village of Wolowa, district of Wolowa, Buton, Southeast Sulawesi. Although it has black color, the sand is very soft underfoot. Local residents call this beach as "Black Sand Beach" or Indonesian language, it is called "Pantai Pasir Hitam". This beach still looks natural. In addition to have a soft sand, Black Sand Beach also has a large rock. There is also a large tree that lying across the sand. This exotic natural beach is located on the edge of the main highway of Buton. Because the beach is close to the road, a lot of people that pass to the road sometimes stop to the beach briefly only for capturing selfie. After that, they continue their journey.

This beach that located at Pasarwajo-Siotampina Road, Wolowa Baru is extremely good. Especially when the water is subsided, the black sandy looks too smooth and natural. So, for those of travellers who are curious to visit Black Sand Beach, just go to the village of Wolowa. It might take only about 15 minutes from the city of Buton, Southeast Sulawesi.

Article Source: travel.kompas.com