If crossing the coast of Barru District, South Sulawesi, the island which covers around 9 hectares looks no different from the other small islands in the vicinity. In this island, there are not seen billboards or just a small hint that promote it is as a tourist destination. But, we can feel the charm of Dutungan Island on arrival at a small pier, after passing through the road that divides the township residents. In the visibility, only about 500 meters from the dock, the white sandy beach of Dutungan Island begins to tease. Located approximately 31 kilometers from the capital city of Barru or about 20 kilometers from the town of Pare Pare, this island is on track of the Trans-Sulawesi which is a region crossed by tourists to Tana Toraja.

Although it looks very close and in fact this island can be reached by swimming, local residents don't do that, because if they're not careful, they can be swept erratic. Management of Dutungan Island provides three boats with capacity of five people to 20 people who are ready ferrying visitors anytime. Beside on that, there is a fishing boat for rent. And for visitors who bring a personal vehicle, do not need to worry because there is a fairly large parking lot near the pier.

The crossing to the island is reached only about 10 minutes. Once set foot, visitors are welcomed with breeze which brought the scent of the sea and the warmth of the tropical sun. White sand stretches the left and right dock. To get refresh on the white sand, some large trees offer shade. If visitors want to stay, there are 10 cottages at affordable rental rates. There is also a restaurant for visitors who do not want to bother to bring food. The management of Dutungan Island create a path that divides the island, through all kinds of trees and wild plants. If not tired, visitors may also try to go around the island.

The coastal area of ​​the island is made up of a stretch of white sand and mangrove. Mangrove areas can be penetrated only at low tide. Among a clump of mangroves, there are caves. According to residents around the island, there is the hiding place and storage of weapons when the war of the revolution. The most appropriate time to go around the coast of the Dutungan Island is late in the afternoon. Awaited moment is almost fawning evening sun with foreground sea fishing boats passing by.

While waiting for sunset views, visitors usually enjoy a tide that is slowly rising. The sea water is infiltrated like roots spreading on the sidelines of the reef. Coral and crabs are seemed to enjoy the arrival of sea water.

When night comes, bonfires became heated, while listening to the orchestra of insects. From a distance, it looks flickering lights of passing vehicles on the Trans-Sulawesi.

If the weather is good, the stars will greet of the sky with its ancient light.

Article Source: travel.kompas.com