The cool air is felt cool, when you are around Kalata Waterfall which is in the village of Wolowa Baru, Wolowa District, Buton, Southeast Sulawesi. The sound of this waterfall is heard from a distance. The bit muddy walkways don't dampen the determination to keep moving on foot towards the waterfall that is getting closer. After viewing the waterfall, tiredness is immediately lost. Kalata Waterfall is very beautiful. Kalata Waterfall has a beautiful natural charm with clear water and cold that is so fused with natural rocks shaped tiers. The rocks are very good that neat like a handmade with structure stone structure is formed naturally.

Besides on that, Kalata Waterfall has two levels and it is formed as an at the first waterfall. In the second waterfall, it has a rather high level that is compared to the waterfall at the first level. Furthermore, the second waterfall has a steep cliff sides and the water flow is rather heavy and shrinking flows downward.

Kalata Waterfall is very beautiful at summer days in June, July, August, and September. Because in the month, the water will look clear and it is not soiled by rain. The waterfall is already visited by people. But for parking of vehicles, it is still far away because there is no road access to the area near this waterfall.

Location of Kalata Waterfall is approximately 20 kilometers from the capital of Buton with distance of about 40 minutes when you drive cars. However, the access road is not adequate, so you have to use the motor as far as 1 kilometer. Furthermore walk as far as 1 kilometer.

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