When you visit Walio Fort - The Buton Sultanate Fortressin Southeast Sulawesi appears, you will look different scenery on the way to the cave hiding of "Bone" King, White Palakka. On the left side of the fort entrance that leading to the cave, you will see a small stage outside the fort. Small stage that is made of wood has elongated shape and rather spacious. From the top of the stage, the eye will be presented with a view of the Baubau City from a distance. Beside on that, from the top of the stage, we can also enjoy the beautiful greenish dense trees. Many travelers who use the stage enjoy the natural scenery of the stage, as well as many visitors do selfie photo with the background of the beauty of the trees.

On stage, traveler can see the beautiful natural scenery in the afternoon. In addition, the air is also very cool and refreshing. Indeed, from the top of the royal palace of Buton Fortress, you can enjoy the natural aroma that is still very strong. You can enjoy the sea bay of Baubau and green of the trees that are still very heavy.

Article Source: travel.kompas.com