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    Suropati City Park, Menteng, Jakarta

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    Suropati Park was build since 1920 by cutting the hilly area into an airy space, and it planted by trees and flowers. Today, this park is also decorated by numbers of statues by the Southeast Asia Artists. Spending time at this park that located in front of the duty home of Jakarta Governor will situated yourself just like not in Jakarta. The airy space and shady nuance will refreshing your mind during your busy days. From this park, you can easily reach other destination like Cikini St and Bundaran HI, and even at the souteast side, there is another city park that also famous in Jakarta, Taman Menteng.
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    this park always busy everyday

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    Taman Suropati
    Suropati Park

    Lying in the upscale Menteng residential area, this park might be the oldest park in the city and the most relaxing place in Central Jakarta. Like other parks, in Suropati Park you can enjoy the scenery that has plenty of shady trees. It inherited its name from Suropati, a Balinese slave who rebelled and escaped from his Dutch master in 1684. A series of statues representing each of the original six members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) sits against the backdrop of greenery. These statues symbolize friendship, peace, harmony and fraternity. This park also has a paved path which is used for jogging track.

    But there is something special that this park offers you. On weekends, you can join some of the activities that are held in Suropati parks, like free yoga class, aerobic class, and violin practice Other that that, Suropati Park is a famous place for watch and listen to music performances from local musicians with various genre, without needing to pay anything, although tips are a good way to express your appreciation.Street artists also sell their work along the side of the park.

    Taman Suropati Street No. 7 Menteng, Central Jakarta

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    My school near by Taman Suropati. I always plan to doing jogging in that place. That's not gonna be happen until now

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    every 2 weeks i take my lovely wife and children there.. we do many positive activity

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    Thanks you!

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