Tebet Honda Park was formerly known as Tebet Park, which was abandoned for a long time, until in in 2010, PT Honda Prospect Motor decided to collaborate with the Jakarta administration to convert and rejuvenate this 2.6 hectare park, and then re-named it Tebet Honda Park. This spacious park, with more than a thousand trees, has a jogging track, children’s playground, a mini soccer field, and modern bridges. Also, the unique thing about this park is that you can treat yourself to a foot massage by walking on pebble stone path.

East of Jl. Tebet Barat and west of Jl. Tebet Timur – South Jakarta


How to Get There

To get to the Park, visitors usually take a variety ways to reach this place. When using private vehicles such as cars, so visitors parking their car at the main door in the western part of Tebet Honda Park. When ride a motorcycle, visitors can parking in the west or the east entrance door.

For those who ride public transportation such as Minibus M34 majors Manggarai - Pasarminggu that passes Tebet Timur Park area. When the Busway, visitors can get off at the stop busway to Pancoran Monument then boarded the Minibus M34 towards the park. When using Commuter Jabodetabek usually get off at the end of Cawang, South Jakarta and then walk for 17 minutes to the location of Tebet Honda Park.