The cool and cold air feels when entering this cave which is located around Lambusango Forest, Wangkangka Village, Kapuntori District, Buton, Southeast Sulawesi. In the cave, the condition is not pitch black, but bright. The middle section of this cave is rather spacious and there are some big trees growing on rocks. The middle section of the cave is open, so the sunlight can enter in the cave. All around the walls of the cave, there are several big hole and have a unique shape. Local residents here call this cave with "Liang Kamoi" (Liang is Indonesian language that has meaning "burrow or hole" in English. Usually if there are travelers who pass through here, they immediately stop and see this cave.

In this cave, there are two large burrows, and in the burrows there are droplets of water that come out slowly from behind a rock. Meanwhile, there are some stalactites that decorate the ceiling of a large burrows. Besides on that, there are some stalagmites that grow from the stones as if to welcome the trickle of water from above. Location of Liang Kamoi Cave is precisely located on the edge of the highway, so that the visitors who pass by the way are automatically visiting just to see the cave. Besides on that, the front of the cave there is a valley of fields that owned by residents.

Liang Kamoi Cave is still natural and not well laid out, so that the travelers who want to enter the cave is still not enforced admission fee. To go into this cave, the distance is only about two hours from the city of Baubau.

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