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    Balangan Beach by the Southern Peninsula

    Balangan beach Located by the southern (Bukit) Peninsula. The reef in Balangan Beach is conveniently situated right in front of the beach. It will be a lot of local Warung by the Balangan beach. So if you like to take sun bathing and hang out on Balangan beach this is quite good beach for you.

    The waves in Balangan beach are really fast and best on mid to high tide. The bigger swells is the better waves. You can ride about 300-400 meter long swell. If you know how to get there are few barrel section.

    Source: www.tripadvisor.com

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    Bali is heaven!! I wish i can visit there again

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    my friend told mÍ this bali is one of the best place on the world. i hope be there once in my life hanoi free walking tour

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    Best place ever. I would love to be here one day.
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    Balangan Beach is a good place ! i have a funny holiday at here.
    lap dat camera gia lai

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    Most tourists who has vacation to Bali, would take time to visit the white sand beaches, one of which is Kuta Bali. Kuta Beach Bali is known for the beach of a million people, because it is a meeting point from various countries. But white sand beaches on the island of Bali is not only Kuta beach, but there are many and one of them is Balangan Beach.




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