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    The Breathtaking View of Batu Bolong Beach, Bali

    Batu Bolong beach is a beautiful black sandy beach stretch from Kuta Beach with the breathtaking view to the Indian Ocean. It is featured by the great fat wave that is good for the beginner surfer, long board and there are two surf spots that give many opportunities for the surfers to conquer the wave and to enjoy the surf adventures. Is has been many visited by tourists and surfers to recreation or relax while to enjoy the fresh atmosphere flows from the sea. It is also blessed by the panoramic view to the Indian ocean and and thesurrounding nature. The surfers have appointed that this surf spot as one of the best surfing point for the long board in Bali Island, hence this place is many visited by the surfers from foreign and domestic surfers.

    Batu Bolong Beach Canggu is a popular surf spot among surfer. This beach is located next to the west of Berawa Beach. This beach is suitable for beginner surfer and long board. Fat mellow waves and not so powerful. This Beach is “semi beach” mean sandy and reef. Mid to high tide is the best time to surf in here. Even on low tide still good for surfing here. This beach is really crowded. You will seen a lot of beginner foreigner surf in here. There are two surf breaks :

    Old man
    you need to long paddle out to get to the surf breaks. Left direction and suitable for long board and stand up paddle. Mellow fat waves and really easy to get. this surf breaks is a paradise for long board surfer.
    Right located in front of the roads. left direction, fat and mellow waves. This surf breaks is really good for intermediate up to advanced. Always crowded with the beginner and advanced surfer. The current will take you realy easy to paddle out and in.

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    How to Get to Batu Bolong Beach

    Batu Bolong Beach Bali is located at end of Batu Bolong Street, directly in front of Old Man’s Beach Bar & Restaurant.

    For those staying in Canggu, it’s easily walkable from the main street of Batu Bolong and very popular for surfing too.

    We recommend renting a scooter to get around Bali. You can hire them for around 50,000 IDR per day, and it’s the cheapest and easiest way to travel.

    Although if you’re not comfortable driving on two wheels then drivers are available to hire all over the island for around 500,000 IDR per day (8 hours).

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