In Ogan Ilir, South Sumatra, there is now a tourism attraction for local people or residents from outside of Ogan Ilir to spend the holidays. Name of the tourist place is the "Teluk Seruo Lake". This lake is located in the region of Tanjung Senai, precisely located behind the integrated office complex of Ogan Ilir Regency's Government. To reach the location of Teluk Seruo Lake is not too difficult. From the city of Palembang, the distance to Teluk Seruo Lake is only 35 kilometers by road east of cross Palembang - Lampung. Teluk Seruo Lake is an artificial lake with an area of ​​approximately 10 hectares, which are order and adorned with parks and playgrounds for children. There are also sport facilities, such as a jogging track, basketball court and volleyball court.

At Teluk Seruo Lake is also built a pavilion for visitors to make "selfie" or to stage various activities that held in Ogan Ilir regency. The benches are also available for visitors to sit down and talk with family. On the Sunday morning and evening, this lake is crowded with people Ogan Ilir. Visitors usually pay a visit to relax and enjoy the atmosphere of Teluk Seruo Lake with family or couple. To enter this lake, visitors are not charged a fee. Travelers can enjoy the beauty of the Teluk Seruo Lake with unlimited free.

Teluk Seruo Lake is one of the best tourist attractions in Ogan Ilir. The beauty of the most prominent is lake with clear and blue water as well as quiet. But, there are some things that regrettably with the condition of the Teluk Seruo Lake and slightly less well maintained. The amount of trash and weeds make beautiful Teluk Seruo Lake that is built with billions of it being slightly reduced. Many travelers hope in the future, the facility of water games in Teluk Seruo Lake, such as "bebek-bebekan" water and banana boat can be provided.

Teluk Seruo Lake is quite pretty and beautiful, but the attraction that built with a large fund has been tainted by the hands of irresponsible. So, if the citizens can equally maintain the beauty of Teluk Seruo Lake, then it can always be maintained.

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