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    Sirombu Beach - Tourism Place for Relaxation With Beautiful Sunset and Exotic Waves

    Nias Islands is famous for its beaches with the exotic waves, but only few of them are well-known to foreign countries. One was hit by an earthquake and tsunami in years ago. Whereas once this area is a bustling city and filled with shops. After the earthquake and tsunami, the shops along the coast of Sirombu Beach now are only a few that still intact and operating. Some of the rubble that had rotted and covered with weeds are still visible. But now Sirombu Beach slowly begins to rise and again offer hope. Government of West Nias Regency re-builds various facilities in Sirombu Beach and surrounding areas in order to this beach can be re-visited by local and foreign tourists.

    Access to the Sirombu Beach can use air or sea transportion that are immediately greeted by Gunungsitoli City. Access by sea transportation can take 8-9 hours with cruise routes of Sibolga - Gunungsitoli, Sibolga - Teluk Dalam, Sibolga - Lahewa, which are served by ferry every day and Pelni that periodically sail Tanjung Priok - Padang - Gunungsitoli. In addition to sea transportation, travelers can also use air transportation namely Kuala Namu Airport (Medan) - Binaka (Gunungsitoli). Flights of this route are served by the airline Wings Air using ATR 72-500 planes. In fact, starting in October 2016, the airline Garuda Indonesia also can serve Medan - Gunungsitoli using ATR 72- 600.

    Mileage to Sirombu Beach is approximately 70 kilometers from the city of Gunungsitoli and taking about 2.5-3 hours. To this beach, travelers can use two-wheeled vehicles and four wheels. To better satisfy the travelers, this tourism place is equipped with a cot or stall that serves seafood culinary.

    Sirombu Beach is no less beautiful with the other beaches on the islands of Nias. In addition to a charming panorama, you can also enjoy the beautiful sunset. Sirombu Beach is known by the people of West Nias as a family recreation area and one of the most visited tourist attraction every weekend. Even this beach is often used as a place to surf for novice surfers.

    Article Source: travel.kompas.com

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    Can you suggest a good hotel/resort?

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    How to move from Jakarta to Sirombu?

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