The calm and clear lake's surface becomes the scene of a refreshing in the middle of saturation in the face of routine bustle of the capital city. There is more perfect beauty as dusk comes in Situ Cipondoh with golden sun that reflected off the surface of the lake. Fatigue after facing congestion and chaos of city is vanished immediately when we sit at the edge of the lake that located in the road of Hasyim Ashari, Tangerang City, Banten. The road is one of the main road that connecting Jakarta to center of Tangerang City. The location of beautiful lake is not far from Jakarta, only about 12.7 kilometers west of Puri Indah, Kembangan, West Jakarta. So, do not have to be the way to Bogor or Peak to enjoy the beautiful natural atmosphere like this. Simply come to Situ Cipondoh.

Not hard to find the attraction of lake tourism that has existed since the 1980's. Those who live in the South Jakarta can take the route via the road of HOS Ciledug Tjokroaminoto region, while residents of West Jakarta area can be via Jalan Raden Saleh, Karang Tengah. Fastest access is through the Jakarta-Merak toll road, either from the direction of Alam Sutera, Kebon Nanas, or Middle Reef. Public transport is also available to achieve Situ Cipondoh.

There are three options tourist spots in the lake area of ​​50 hectares. The first location is a tourist attraction that managed by Peoples Forum of Situ Cipondoh Conservation and Development (Formation). The location that situated on the east side of the lake is available a wide selection of children's games, such as swings, slides, and a mini train. Although the visitors are prohibited from bathing in the lake, the kids can still play with water, such as water bicycles, boats, and "Bebek-bebekan". In the lake tourism, there is also flying fox adventure game.

As children play, parents can enjoy the beautiful atmosphere of the lake under shady trees, or enjoy a wide selection of food and beverages. For those who enjoy fishing, you can bring your own fishing gear and fishing freely without charge. In this lake many tilapia fishes are stocked by Tangerang City Government.

Travelling in Situ Cipondoh is indeed cheap. Entrance ticket in this tourist area is only 2,000 - 5,000 Rupiah per person. Water bike rides, boat, "Bebek-bebekan", as well as the flying fox can be enjoyed at varying prices, starting from 5,000 to 15,000 Rupiah per person. You can also enjoy culinary in this place with many vendors who offer a variety of food and beverages, starting from salad, meatballs, ketoprak, dumplings, "gejrot" tofu, various kinds of soup and seafood. There are also typical foods from Sundanese, Betawi, and Java. The choice of drinks are very numerous, ranging from mineral water, bottled beverages, traditional drinks like "cendol", "sekoteng" ice, "bandrek", various of fruit juices, and coffee.

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