If you want to swim, you should try to swim in the Lanto Cave. In addition to its clear water and fresh water, Lanto Cave also has refreshing water with a depth of about 12 meters. Lanto Cave is one of the tourist destinations in the city of Baubau, Southeast Sulawesi. The length of the cave is about 100 meters and it can only be traversed by diving. But if you want to dive, you must do it with people who are professionals. So, if you are beginners, you should not try.

This is indeed one of the great diving spot. In the water, we will feel the sensation of floating and seeing such beautiful shape. Location of Lanto Cave is about 8 meters from the highway in the Kadolomoko Village, Kokalukuna District. For local residents, Lanto Cave be a public bath. Bathing in cold water of Lanto Cave is very tasty, and the cave is a bit dark because the sun does not go up into. But the water of Lanto Cave is very fresh.

At first sight when viewed from the outside, Lanto Cave is not like a cave, but like burrow downward. Upon entering the cave, it has seen land that located in the wet because the water droplets that come out of the top of the cave. But to enter the cave is not difficult, because there are stairs that have been made to approach the water in the cave.

Article Source: travel.kompas.com