For those of you who like travelling around the new area, especially the search for the beauty of the beach and ocean, maybe this one could be your next destination, namely Tanjung Pulau Bintang. Its location in the northern part of Southeast Sulawesi, precisely in the North Kolaka District. Tanjung Pulau Bintang offers plenty of scenic beauty spots, ranging from small islands, underwater natural beauty, varied marine life, white sand and many other interesting sights.

To reach this place is not difficult. You who are originating from outside the Kolaka region can choose the path of air, sea and land. Sea lanes can be reached via Feri Siwa Port (South Sulawesi) to the port of Tobaku Port (North Kolaka). While the air line can be traveled from the Sultan Hasanuddin Airport (South Sulawesi) towards Sangia Nibandera Airport (Kolaka). Well for a landline, it can be reached from South Sulawesi to cross the Luwu, or from the Kolaka City to the North Kolaka. After seeing the incredible natural beauty, travel's fatigue will be paid. Moreover, the friendliness of local culture can be encountered when traveling in this place.

Regent of North Kolaka, Rusda Mahmud said that Tanjung Pulau Bintang is indeed prepared to become a mainstay of North Kolaka nautical tourism. Surrounding natural beauty, this place has beautiful beaches and extraordinary underwater. Not just promontory, this tourist spot also has a house reef, coral transplant site and so on. All of this could spoil the tourists. Tanjung Pulau Bintang is not yet widely known, even in the community of North Kolaka own island is still not very well known. So pristine nature of Tanjung Pulau Bintang could be added value for those of you who are interested to this place.

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