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    Teles Island - Falling Pieces of Natural Beauty in Anambas, Riau Islands

    One way you can do to be grateful for the gift of God is coming to a small island in Anambas. This time, there is a reference on a small island, located 5 kilometers from the Tarempa Village, Siantan Timur District. This island is like a piece of heaven that fell in Indonesia. People there call Teles Island. Well, the name is certainly not familiar to people outside Anambas. But the waters around the island has a clear blue-colored water.

    With a travel time of approximately two hours in a small boat (pompong) from the Tarempa Village, experience stepping in Teles Island will not be forgotten. Before entering the island a few meters away, in the distance of Teles Island is seemed already mesmerizing. The combination of the lush vegetation, white sand and sea water gradation of two colors; green and blue, make you open-mouthed watching. A little closer, you will enjoy more clear sea water. Clear water here tempts anyone to swim in the waters around the island. So, you have to swim on the Teles Island, if not, your journey will not be perfect! The reason is simple, "swimming pool" nature of the sprawling country is not only fun to play spot the water but there is a plus, it offers views of the island under the sea can be watched with the naked eye. Although not dive, we can look to the seabed various marine plants with a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Looks starfish, shells are beautiful, and colorful fish.

    Noisy with city area? Go on indulge in Teles Island. Indeed, the island is not so big it was inhabited and no lodging there. But it is not a problem for visiting there, because you can stay in the Tarempa Village, Anambas. Teles island alongside several other exotic island. Not far away, we can see the other islands around Anambas directly from there, as the Temawan Island, Kian Long Island, Island Loyong, Ansang Strait Island and much more. Of course, the islands can also be the next destination.

    There are many ways to enjoy the holiday on the island. The most fun is snorkeling. Unfortunately, there is no rental service tools. So, you have to bring diving goggles. Do not forget to bring a camera and better bring a camera that can be operated in the water. In addition to snorkeling, another activity that can be done is fishing. We recommend that you choose a place a little out to sea by boat. Sensation of sea fishing is different and much more enjoyable when the result of provocation can be eaten together. Come collectively or rollicking here. Bring mats and food stocks. If you want to stay there, you can bring a tent. At noon, the sun is hot, do not forget to set up a hat or sunblock polish.

    If you want to go to the Teles Island, you should stop in to Tarempa first. If from Batam, you can take a ferry from the Punggur Port to Tanjung Pinang. It costs 55,000 Rupiah with the long journey of about an hour. Arriving at Tanjung Pinang, we recommend you stay. Because the ship to Anambas departing at 07.00 am and only operates once in two days. It costs 450,000 Rupiah with a long journey of 10 hours.

    If you do not want to linger in the sea, you can also use the services of flight. It costs around 1.2 million Rupiah. After arriving in Tarempa, you can take the inn. While access to the Teles Island, you can rent a boat at a cost of 1 million Rupiah day. To reduce costs, coming in groups or collectively.

    Article Source: travel.kompas.com

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    Thank you for your sharing. Thanks to this article I can learn more things. Expand your knowledge and abilities. Actually the article is very practical. Thank you!
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