Since the beginning until now, Indonesia's maritime destinations are so famous. This is not apart from most of the territory of the Republic that is dominated by the oceans. So automatically this great gift is the main capital puts Indonesia as a marine tourism area in the world. Over time, Indonesia is now richer with a selection of nautical tourism. One of them is located in Kolaka, Southeast Sulawesi. In this area, there is a cluster of Padamarang islands that consisting of a number of small and large islands.

Each island has different characteristics, for example, white sand coastline is still virgin. The combination of blue sea and white sand that looks from the air is seemed to be the answer that the area is unspoiled by tourists. So for you who is lover of nautical tourism could get a different impression when visiting the Padamarang Islands in Kolaka District, Southeast Sulawesi. Another thing is becoming attraction if traveled on the island is the distance from the city center which was not too far away. It only take about 30 minutes with the use of fishing vessels to reach this location. Once arrived, feeling tired during the trip will be paid by the natural conditions that are still virgin. Visitors will feel far from the centers of civilization with silent atmosphere and 'virgin' 'of the island.

Regent of Kolaka, Ahmad Safei nimbly look at this opportunity. He said that in line with the central government's desire to develop marine tourism. It is very necessary Padamarang Islands that included in the list of maritime destination in question. Now a number of facilities have been prepared by the Regional Government of Kolaka, such as the four resting places for travelers.

Travelers will also not feel confused about the problem of access. If using the air line, travelers just go Hasanuddin International Airport, Makassar, South Sulawesi. Another option is the air service to the Sangia Nibandera Airport that located in the Kolaka District. From the airport, then overland to the city center about 30 minutes. From downtown, you can continue the journey by sea to the virgin islands with aboard a fishing boat. Long travel time is approximately 30 minutes. So, it does not take long to touch Padamarang Islands cluster. Now adventurers are challenged to touch marine tourism maritime destination on this one.

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