Not many people know that in North Minahasa Regency has some exotic beaches which are still very natural. One of them is located in the Kalinaun Village, East Likupang Distric. The exotic beach was named Sampirang Beach by residents in Kalinaun Village. This beach has a fairly long coastline with soft white sand. If the tides, coastal landscape is expanded with a blend of sea grass and coral. Small fishes that are caught in reefs and sea grasses become the main attraction. Don't worry about the scorching heat that hit if it onto the beach. In Sampirang Beach, there are also many trees, especially palm plant that is ready to be used as a natural shelter, complete with clean grass.

Not surprisingly, with such a landscape, Sampirang Beach is often used as a pre-wedding photo shoot location by the photographers. Although it's not yet provided adequate that means of supporting the tour, but when it comes right on holidays, villagers usually provide hawker food around the beach. But if you want to find a quiet and lonely atmosphere, you should come on weekdays because you will be definitely swayed by Exotic Sampirang Beach. But don't forget to bring their own food.

In front of Sampirang Beach, there is a small island that no less exotic uninhabited. Its name is Ponteng Island. You can hire a fishing boat to reach the island and enjoy the landscape of North Minahasa from the sea. At the left end Sampirang Beach, there are parts of the island in the form of a black stone combined with rock jutting into the sea. If you want to challenge the adrenaline, try explore stone cliffs. To go to Sampirang Beach from Manado with route of public transportation, you can go to Paal Dua Terminal and look for the bus to get to Likupang Terminal;.

From Likupang, you can hire a motorcycle or taxi to Kalinaung. Access from Bitung, it also be reached via Girian, hitchhiking-pickup toward Kalinaun. But there are also regular Damri bus with route is longer. If using a private vehicle, from Manado to Kalinaun, it can be taken about 1 hour drive.

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