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    Sunsite In Tanah Lot Bali

    Tanah-Lot-Sunset-Tour-Bali-Half-Day-Tour.jpg An island resort of Bali Tourism Famous Up to foreign countries and the International Class. Bali is a Travel the Beautiful with a wealth of natural and cultural Yang No two, bali Heaven Is a World Makes us want to come and do not want to go home.

    Bali island There is a view that Romance of the Land Lote bali. This is an image of a Balinese temple on a rock overlooking the wide open sea, perched high above the crashing waves below, with a background of colorful sky at dusk, illuminated sunset slowly disappear.At the entrance lane to Tanah Lot you will find many art shops offering local crafts in addition to other products such as T-shirts, gloves Bali, hats, slippers, accessories, paintings, wood carvings, and more. Here you will also find stalls selling food and drink.

    The best time to visit is during Odalan Tanah Lot, which is celebrated every 210 days, close Galungan and Kuningan celebrations on the holy day known as Buddha Cemeng Langkir. On this day you will see a row of graceful Balinese women carrying the victims on their heads to pray in the temple of Tanah Lot.
    Yes, though fairly common phenomenon due to appear every day, sunset has always been a game for those who really want to enjoy nature as a whole. Enjoy the sunset is a very fun activity, especially if the location around him enough support.

    Well, for you who was on the island of Bali and want to enjoy a romantic sunset moment along with your loved ones, there is one attraction that you should not miss, the Pura Tanah Lot.Kami Kadek Bali Driver Ready to Be Your Tour Guide Yang Enjoy the drive you Immersed In Lote ground and the other Travel Equally enchanting heart.

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    Tanah Lot has more than its share of coastal beauty, especially at sunset on a partly cloudy day when beautiful streaks of scarlet silhouette the temple and the surf. Unfortunately it is not far from the tourist haunts of both Denpasar and Seminyak, so busloads arrive just when you'd like to enjoy some solitude. Try it on a stormy afternoon -- the weather may clear in the evening and the throngs may be smaller than usual.

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