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    Hidden Paradise in Southern Malang

    In mid of 2016, I and my family decided go to Malang for holiday. We decided to visit Goa Cina Selatan which is the most famous beach in Southern Malang. But, after do a research and browsed it, we decided to find another alternative beach to visit. Because, Goa Cina will be full of peoples in holiday. Since I didn’t want our photo background fulled of people :’) we decided to go to Sendiki Beach which is located near Goa Cina.

    Sendiki Beach located in Tambakrejo village, in Sumbermanjing district. It’s take about 2 hours from the centre of Malang city. If we ride the car or motorcycle, we will see the sign board in the left side of the road written “Pantai Sendiki”, then turn left and go straight about 300 m. Then, you can ask people about Sendiki Beach. After that, I arrive in narrow road that lenght about 500 meter and surrounded by farm. In the some point, the road will become very tidy so you must be very careful especially if your car walk with another car in your side.


    If rain occur, you must prepare for the bad possibility which is your road may sunk in mud.If you reach the parking place, it’s still not yet arrive the beach :’). You must walk around 15-20 menit to reach Sendiki beach and passed the hundred of stairs. Since almost a path to go beach is surrounded by huge tree, a few monkey was shown in path, Watch out, be careful to not wear glasses, hat and another accessories if you don’t want got pickpocket by monkeys LOL.


    After struggle with bad road, stairs and monkeys, finally, we arrive at beach‼. It’s well paid of with effort to going this place. Gosh, the scenery was amazing and superb. The sand was white and smooth as silk. The sea itself have a clear water and awesome colour.



    You must walk around 300 meter to right part of beach to get a line of stone like in the picture.


    Since not many tourist to go this place, sendiki was a quiet yet beautiful beach in Malang. Probably it’s a hidden paradise beach that must visit when you in Malang. =
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