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    Diving in Pemuteran, Bali

    Bali Diving is an adventures experience, that will capture your interest and imagination. The countless array of beautiful fish and exotic plant life will amaze you, as you explore the last great frontier on earth. The challenge of diving and discovering the world under the sea is a fun and healthy sport. You will be scintillated and exhilarated by the wonders of the world beneath the waters. Bali have spectacular marine life environments, boasting more than 2500 fish species and an immense number of coral and invertebrates. For you who loves diving, you can try diving in Pemuteran.

    This place is a three-hour drive from Sanur, plus 20 minutes from where the ships heading for Pulau Menjangan. Here, you will find rock walls and a variety of macro creatures. At this location, there are 3 divesite. First, Close Encounters which offers a variety of hard and soft corals. Schooling Snapper, Trevally, Batfish, Pipefish, nudists, Frogfish, and the Crocodile are found here. Then, Napoleon Reef corals began to recover with a ‘healthy’ and the various types of reef fish that had broken in 1997 and is the most convenient place to do night dive at Pemuteran. Finally, to meet Mimic Octopus, you can Macro Site.

    Source images: http://www.balitourismboard.org/

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    Diving in Pemuteran Bali

    Ah the Begawan Giri spa... Heard about that.

    OK, now back to the diving. Which Sanur dive shop would you guys recommend for mola molas?

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    great, thank you
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