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    "Anti-mainstream" Magelang Tourism - Fun Off Road in Merapi downhill

    Recreation of nature conservation with the same adrenaline into anti-mainstream tourism is being worth a try while in Magelang regency, Central Java. Its location is in the area of ​​Mount Merapi National Park which is known to have challenging tracks and stunning natural scenery. To try out of this tour, tourists quite lease jeep and pick package that is provided by travel service providers 'Fun Offroad', one of them belongs Merapi Park Adventure in Muntilan, Magelang regency.

    Riding of jeep car is started from Muntilan head to Mt. Merapi National Park, Srumbung region. These must be passed about 15 kilometers and takes about 3-4 hours. Long distance will not make travelers feel bored. Instead, they will feel experience an exciting and challenging adventure. The tourists will be invited to pass through a footpath in the countryside with views of the expanse of green plantations citizens. Then they will continue past the steep rocks into the former sand mining area of ​​Mt. Merapi. It looks stunning scenery but also sad. There are towering cliffs, stone fragments scattered pools of former excavations that being witness to massive exploitation of natural Merapi. Mining activities create environmental damage

    The journey continues towards the forest area of ​​Mt. Merapi National Park. The tourists will be invited to pass through the rivers that disgorge at Merapi Mountain, among others Batang, Lamat, and Blongkeng River. Beauty and freshness is so pronounced because of pine trees and vegetation typical of the region of Merapi is still awake. Feel exhausted after enjoying the trip, tourists will be invited to rest in the gulf region Jero, Srumbung or right on the riverbank of Blongkeng. At this location, Tugu Suharto stands where is a monument marks the establishment of a controlling sabodam lava of Mount Merapi, which was inaugurated by the President of the 2nd Suharto, on 15 September 1992. However, the monument that stands today is a replica, as the original monument has been damaged and lost due to act of those irresponsible.

    Before the adventure is over, travelers must first do conserve nature by planting trees in Randu Ijo, namely regional plant nurseries managed by Forum Merapi-Merbabu Hijau (FMMH). In Randu Ijo with altitude of about 2,000 meters above sea level, the tourists also can harvest the bark and enjoy lunch with traditional menus.

    Merapi Park Adventure offers the package of Fun Off Road, which means that travelers will not only get the thrill of off-road adrenaline but also have fun enjoying the natural scenery of Mt/ Merapi National Park. Since developed about a year ago, travel packages of Fun Off Road Merapi are growing number of enthusiasts, not only for local tourists but also outside the region. Tourism development on the downhill of Merapi has become an alternative tourism in Magelang District, during which is only focused on Borobudur. It is also expected tourists can stay longer in the district of Magelang.

    Article Source: travel.kompas.com
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    wooouww look so fun man

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