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    Klotok Boat Typical Kalimantan

    Welcome On Travel Tanjung Puting National Park is situated on the island of Borneo Central Kalimantan Orangutan Which Is The World's Largest Habitat. Staying here tens thousand good Orangutan Species Inside And Outside The National Parks.

    Go there for a trip we will start at 08:00 am from the dock. There we Have Been In welcome with typical water transportation is the boat klotok Kalimantan. In a traditional boat design sedemian Fine for Leisure travelers while on it. Excellent service and friendly also presented above Klotok for your Pampers.

    after walking about 20 minutes from the dock then we will enter a river with river names Sekonyer, all the way in the morning we will look at a variety of river vegetation typical of the tropical forests of Borneo, and we will see in the river, monkeys, proboscis monkeys, hanging trees, and sometimes we see a group of proboscis monkeys swam across the river in front of our klotok.

    With Klotok Tour Tanjung Puting This we can enjoy dinner together On board with Suguhan Quality. and When Night Start Late We would really blown away with the sensation of the night Borneo Island that make Sleeping Beauty shrouded We Million Thousand Stars Can not Get We find in the town. only one word Can Unspoken when we traveled with Klotok Tour promontory Putting It is fabulous and I Want to Return again .. Borneo Paradise Millions World Sensation

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    Looks lovely

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