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Thread: Pandawa Beach

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    Pandawa Beach

    The beach, this place has always been a tourist attraction for most people. This is because the beach has beautiful scenery. Honeymoon beach has always been an option for the newlyweds for their honeymoon. They usually choose their honeymoon on the beach because the beach offers a lot of nice things. Some of the nice things for example scenery that is offered on the beach can spoil the eye, both sunset, and sunrise, clear sea water, the waves are dancing beautifully, and also the white sand that is soft. From this visual beauty, the bride can walk together while enjoying the scenic beauty of the beach.

    Other than that, a beach is also very suitable for a honeymoon because it has an atmosphere that can make honeymoon couples become relaxed. The fresh air, mild weather, and the sound of waves are able to eliminate your fatigue. To enjoy this, the newlyweds are usually sunbathing on the beach.

    Not only for a refreshing, honeymoon couples will also be healthier if they make beach as their honeymoon destination. This is because sunlight (more effective at sunrise) contains vitamin D which is very good for the health of their body. So, a beach is not only used as a place to have fun but also as a place to keep their body healthy.

    Speaking of the beach with all the benefits and its beauty for a honeymoon, in Indonesia itself, there are a lot of beaches that can be selected as a honeymoon destination for newlyweds. The beaches in Indonesia have the most amazing scenery, biodiversity of marine animals which are still very well preserved, mild weather and also people with a unique culture that exists around the beach. It makes you and your couple will have new experiences that you have never felt before. Moreover, beaches in Indonesia also have romantic sides that can make anyone fall in love with the place. In some beaches in Indonesia, you and your couple can do a romantic dinner on the beach with typical food which is very delicious, stayed at the hotel that directly overlooking towards the beach, and also walking together romantically with your partner while enjoying the sunrise and sunset.

    Pandawa beach is also called as a "secret beach" because the location of this beach is hidden behind the cliffs. Near this beach there are a lot of cliffs are overgrown with shrubs. Furthermore, this beach also has sculpture image of Pandawa (Yudhistira, Arjuna, Bima, Nakula and Sadewa). This beach has clean sand, clear sea water and the mild weather. Besides as a tourist attraction, the beach Pandavas is also used as a place for seaweed cultivation.


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    Thank you!! Bali island is amazing

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