Kedung Kandang, as well as the name of a river and waterfall that is located on Botak Mountain, Nglanggeran, Pathuk, Gunungkidul Regency, Yogyakarta. Water of this river flows down to the mound of boulders, resulting in a row of charm of little waterfall. According to local residents, Kedung Kandang Waterfall will flow profusely when it rains the night before. Waterfall in Kedung Kandang will flow profusely and look more beautiful when the night before was rain. Around Kedung Kandang, there are paddies complete with beautiful terraces. Steep cobbled streets that are quite extreme must be passed if the travelers want to see this hidden waterfall. You have to walk about one kilometer from the motorcycle parking.

Besides enjoying the fresh water immediately, travelers can enjoy Kedung Kandang Waterfall from an artificial bamboo bridge. If you feel tired in the middle of the road, you can stop for a moment and unwind in some gazebo available. Heru Purwanto as the marketing of Nglanggeran Tourism Awareness Group said that Kedung Kandang Waterfall had been properly addressed during the rainy season in 2015.

Heru Purwanto also added that the first opening of Kedung Kandang Waterfall, the travelers were charged voluntary. However, the entry fee has now been determined or set. Currently, to get into the Kedung Kandang, traveler will be charged 7,000 Rupiah per person. The results of these fees are used for promotion and additions facilities that still lacking. Management of Nglanggeran Tourism Village also has applied the cash funds to continue and support the facilities in Kedung Kandang. Heru added that the manager of the Nglanggeran Tourism Village has awaited the results of proposals to the government.

For the location Kedung Kandang, travelers can head to the east of the Nglanggeran Mountain as far as 2.5 kilometers until there is a downhill road on a bridge. Turn right. Signposts to Kedung Kandang has been observed in the area.

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