Panggang District is one part of Gunungkidul Regency, DI Yogyakarta which has a charming tourism potential. Natural panorama around Panggang District is no less charming than other areas in Gunungkidul. One of the tourist attractions that located in Karang Girikarto Village, Panggang District, Gunungkidul is Tanjung Kesirat. Tanjung Kesirat is a marine tourism area that has a magnificent cliff texture and rocky rock hills. Generally, sea areas do not have the texture of the beach with white sand beach, but in fact still Tanjung Kesirat has the beauty of a charming natural panorama.

How to enjoy the beauty of nature in Tanjung Kesirat is not the same as most tourist attractions in the sea of Gunungkidul. If most teenagers play water on the beach with white sand and calm waves, in Tanjung Kesirat, travelers can see the large rocks and panorama of blue ocean from the cliff to the bottom of about 40 meters. Strong waves in Tanjung Kesirat hit the edge of the cliff that forming a pattern of high water flakes.

Entering the location of Tanjung Kesirat, travelers will be served a view of a large tree that stand firmly on the edge of the cliff that almost jutted into the sea. The Ketepeng tree is located on the edge of the cliff. Ketepeng leaf size with a wide shape is making shady atmosphere around the tree. Under the tree, you can sit back on a bench provided, while enjoying the cool breeze as well as magnificent panoramic cliffs and coral rocks. In addition, Tanjung Kesirat is often used by fishermen to catch lobster and other types of marine fish.

Location of Tanjung Kesirat is very easy. You can pass the path from Wohkudu Beach to the south for about 1 Km. The terrain is not difficult, travelers only need to walk along the land and rocks are sloping to get to the location. Travelers will walk approximately 50 meters from the parking lot of vehicles, to be able to enter the location of Tanjung Kesirat.

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