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    Beautiful Garden of Water Hyacinth Flowersin Bantul - Alternative Travel for Children

    Source: www.detik.com

    Social media is re-enlivened by the phenomenon of flower beds. This time, it is the purple flower of the water hyacinth plant in the area of ​​paddy fields belonging Mr. Karsono (48 years), in the Karangasem Village, Palbapang District, Bantul, Yogyakarta. Every day, visitors who come to this area just to see or take pictures selfie reach about 200 people. If it is not the weekend, many students who come to garden of water hyacinth flowes after school. Even on Sunday, there will be a group of Wonosari who come by bus to see the spread of water hyacinth flowers.

    Many visitors take their children to this location as well as a form of education about nature. During this time at school, children know that hyacinth is weed for a waters. But on the other hand, when flowers of water hyacinth are blooming hyacinth, it can be a beautiful landscape that can attract people to come.

    Many visitors found that if compared with the amaryllis flower garden in the region of Patuk, flowerbeds in Karangasem District was more organized and the potential for damage was small because of its location was in the middle of paddy field that full of water. So, for those who want to capture pictures also have to be careful because the location is not as safe as amaryllis garden. But that's good, because it means there will be no photos while lying on the fields that can damage the beauty of the plants.

    The travelers who visit in this garden also appreciates youth group that manages the region. Members of the youth group make the existence of several written warnings, and also manage the traffic on the roadside in order to create potential of congestion to be small. In addition to written warnings to not pick flowers or pose which damage the flowers, youth groups of Karangasem District also provide bins of bamboo so that visitors don't litter in the region.

    Article Source: travel.kompas.com

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    Even on Sunday, there will be a group of Wonosari who come by bus to see the spread of water hyacinth flowers.
    I wish I had been here once, I had been to Vietnam. Flowers that call it hoa tuoi

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