Peaceful atmosphere is instantly felt when arriving at Kampung Cinibung, Kertajaya Village, Sumur District, Pandeglang Town, Banten. Silence and privacy become the excellence of Cinibung Beach, which is not too crowded visited by travelers. This beach that has crystal clear water is very tempting tourists to swim. Towards evening, Cinibung Beach shows peaks charm. There is Sunset on the western horizon with beautiful silhouetted of palm trees in Ujung Kulon Peninsula.

Morning in Cinibung Beach is also very fascinating. The sunrise is creating a panorama bathtub beautiful painting. Gentle sunlight falls on calm blue sea and invites tourists to take a walk down to Keusik Panjang. Cinibung Beach is about 400 meters. No wonder if the meaning of the name of this beach is "long sand". In addition, there is other place that can be visited, namely Daplango Beach with a length of about 200 meters. Cinibung Beach is in quiet choppy, so it is suitable for tourists who love to swim and bring the kids.

In the path of travel between Jakarta and Pandeglang before Cinibung, there are some sightseeing places that less crowded. At least there are three lodgings in Cinibung, namely Honje Ecolodge, Sarang Badak, and Wisma PGRI. Honje Ecolodge is the comfortable accommodation, which consists of two villas and it can accommodate up to a total of 20 people. Rates staying fee in Honje Ecolodge is starting at 700,000 Rupiah per villa per day. While lodging of Sarang Badak can accommodate about 50 people at a rate staying fee of 350,000 Rupiahs per room per day for six people. Cinibung-Jakarta distance is about 220 kilometers and it takes about using a private vehicle around six hours.

Cinibung is currently working to become an integrated tourist destination. In addition to comfortable lodging, people of Cinibung have also been taught to make crafts. Travelers can buy a key chain and a small statue of the Javan Rhino. Key chain is sale at 12,000 Rupiahs, while price of rhino statue is starting at 15,000 Rupiahs. Rhino statue is chosen as the craft because Cinibung is adjacent to the Ujung Kulon National Park (TNUK), the name of community that protect wildlife habitat.

Now, Cinibung is rising among tourists, but it is still pretty quiet village. Therefore, Cinibung is fitting for those who want a serene atmosphere and away from the bustle. It's just less convenient access to Cinibung to pass. Starting from Carita tourist areas in Pandeglang until Cinibung, there is damaged roads visible. Cinibung actually has a great tourism potential, but Cinibung has also inadequate infrastructure. Therefore, road improvements are needed if the place want more tourists to visit.

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