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    Borneo Kalimantan Island


    The island of Borneo is the island with the beauty of The mandatory Millions On Visit and we have to preserve Precisely on the island of Kalimantan Central . Kalimantan are A Heritage natural Very Amazing Namely Putting National Park headland which has a very broad area. In national park This is made as a native habitat Orangutans that Protect. Here are tens of thousand Species Extinct and nearly Orangutan The orangutan habitat Represents Largest There In The World. In addition to the national park's Orangutan Being also other animals Dwelling With Dozens of mammals and a variety of other wild animals Type And various nests both Yang Being Inside Putting promontory of national parks as well as on the outside.

    if you are Not Been and Planning Visit it not Worry DOLPHIN BOAT SERVICE Ready to Tour guide you. Our Offering Tour Packages Tour Orangutan Tanjung Puting With Costs are cheap and affordable. Here we will Taking care of all your travel requirement during this Tour in our island. Also we would Shows Travel Beautiful others On the island of Borneo and cheap lodging and Introduce Our culture is one of the traditional boat transportation Klotok. so what are you waiting again soon traveled to Borneo Tour headland nipples and feel its charm.
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