For you who happened to be traveling in Borobudur, you can stop by the Tourism Villages of Wanurejo. In this tourism village, tourists can make friends and unite with nature, so that people who are traveling Borobudur not just go to the temple, but they can also enjoy the many tourist destinations in the area of ​​Borobudur. Tourism Villages of Wanurejo has a classical Javanese style home stay that can be found easily in there. Conditions in the village home stay of Wanurejo are still well maintained and the price can be adjusted to the pockets of tourists.

One of the Javanese tradition in this tourism villages that still well preserved is "Nyadran" tradition. This tradition is a means for the gathering of nomads and villagers of Tingal Wanurejo by visiting the tombs of ancestors or family that are held every third week in "Bulan Ruwah". There is also a carnival culture "Merti Village", or clean villages / earth alms from Saparan ceremony. This event brings earth mound with heights of five-meter in the form of fruits, vegetables, grains, and rice. Tourists can watch the procession, which departs from Pawon through the streets around Borobudur and ends at Pondok Field Tingal.

Tradition, art and craft also live in the Tourism Villages of Wanurejo. Lots of craft here, ranging from wood craft, bamboo, batik, fiber, etc. can also be found at some points in Wanurejo. Travelers can set foot to the corners of the villages in Wanurejo and they can find a variety of natural landscapes and community activities. Panorama Borobudur as "Masterpieces of World Culture" or the World Cultural Masterpiece with a bandage green rice field can easily be found in Wanurejo.

With the addition of the ecosystem in the form of tourism villages, Borobudur becomes increasingly look great. The sensation of exploring the tourist village style of Wanurejo will feel exciting. In addition to enjoying the scenery, there is interaction with the local population that can be enjoyed. There are nine villages that can be visited while staying at Wanurejo. Recommended villages to visit in Wanurejo are Barepan, Jowahan, Soropadan, Tingal Kulon, Tingal Wetan, Brojolan, Ngentak, Gedongan, and Bejen. Each hamlet has a unique tourism potential.

Barepan Village for example, where tourists can enjoy a tour of agriculture and fisheries, wooden crafts tourism, gypsum, bamboo, food, souvenirs and batik, empowering, pitutur and cokekan, kroncong, tong-tong lek up to several facilities such as hotel, accommodation and home stay. Jowahan Village is almost the same as Barepan. In Jowahan Village, there is an additional of Nitiharjan Hall and Joyowiyatan that can be enjoyed.

In Soropadan Village, tourists can enjoy the music of Arumba bamboo, accommodation and home stay. Meanwhile, Tingal Kulon Villahe has pilgrimage tomb of GPH Tejo Kusumo, agriculture and fisheries tourism, water springs of Umbul Tirta, wooden crafts tourism, gypsum, bamboo, food, souvenirs and batik, empowering, pitutur and cokekan, shadow puppets, painting gallery, batik home, Nitiharjan Hall and Joyowiyatan.

Ngentak Village and Tingal Wetan Village, there is Jathilan that ready to accompany. Brojolan Village is ready to greet with Mendut Temple, natural beauty and the Village Cultural Center. In Bejen Village, travelers will encounter Kobro art. While in the Gedongan Village, there are outbound and camping, travel wooden crafts, gypsum, bamboo, food, souvenirs and batik, as well as agriculturally tourism.

"If tourists want to experience a blend of enjoying a tour of the countryside with the village community activity each day, let's visit to Tourism Village of Wanurejo"

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