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    Go to Saumlaki, Let's Visit the Tourism Village of Tumbur

    If you are on vacation to Tanimbar Islands, West Southeast Maluku District, Maluku, try visiting to the Tourism Village of Tumbur. Tumbur Village in Wertamrian District is famous with statue craft. Tumbur Village is located on the southwest coast of Yamdena Island. Distance from Saumlaki town center is about 18 kilometers journey. In Tumbur Village, travelers can see the statue craft typical Tumbur Village. Travelers can find various motifs of Tumbur sculpture that are created by local craftsmen in the Tumbur Village.

    One craftsman in Sere Carving Gallery and Studio of Natar Sculpture, Modestus Silolone (57) said that in Tumbur village now has a statue craftsman or sculptor as many as 50 people. Modestus explains that sculptors in the Tumbur Village work at home or in the studio. The sculptures here are a cult, bear the basket, machetes and spears as well. If for a stone boat, there is modern motif. The sculptures that are produced in the village Tumbur have a meaning. Influence the life of the ancestors become the inspiration for a sculptor in the Tumbur Village. Modestus explained that chin prop sculptures chin prop sculptures symbolize someone is idolatry. For statue that is carrying spears and machetes symbolize the ancestors are gardening.

    Modestus said that about 10 sculptures can be produced by the sculptor in Tumbur Village depending on the order. Modestus himself could make a sculpture with a stone boat design in five days. If the large chin prop sculpture is created about a week. Modestus said that Craftsmen Tumbur Village Communities who make a statue in the house will usually sell directly or entrust to the studio. Craftsmen of Tumbur Village Communities think also depend on the sale of the statue.

    Head of the Regional Representative Office of West Southeast Maluku District, Ruben Benharvioto Moriolkossu said that Tumbur Village is visited ordinary by tourists who come from Indonesia regencu and abroad. Ruben adds that tourists can buy souvenir of statue and sculpture in the Tumbur Village. For the price of the sculptures in the Tumbur Village are varies depending on the material and the level of difficulty making sculpture. Price of sculptures are sale from Rp 75,000 to Rp 5 million.

    Article Source: travel.kompas.com
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