Karakelang Island is the largest island in Talaud Islands, North Sulawesi. On the island, it is also be location of Melonguane town that became the county seat of the northernmost in Indonesia. Accessing to Karakelang can be reached by the two modes of transport, by ship transportation that take about 14 hours from Manado Harbour, or by using the available flights twice daily with a travel time of about an hour from Sam Ratulangi International Airport.

In Melonguane, there are available lodgings in some specialty with rates that varied ranging from 110,000 to 350,000 Rupiahs per night. Looking for the Inn is adjacent to the Port of Melonguane and you can enjoy the sea water around the harbor. So clear and clean, the fish that swim in the water is visible from the top of the Melonguane pier. Do not forget to capture the bustle of motorboats that are ferrying residents to the Salibabu Island and other small islands.

Karakelang Island saves a number of tourist destinations that are really fascinating, although it must be recognized that the various tourist potential has not been optimally managed by the local government. Looking for travel locations that are exotic beaches with white sand and stunning landscapes are available pretty much in Karakelang Island.

Karakelang Island, there is a sand beach with gentle and charming scenery as well as the activities of human interest that is very dynamic. The beach has length of about 12 kilometers without a break, with width at low tide that could reach 60 to 80 meters. It's a paradise for adventure enthusiasts of the beach. The location of the beach is in the east of the Karakelang Island. From Melonguane, we can catch local transport services in the form of special commercial cars leased to transport passengers with the long journey of about 45 minutes. The first objective is Beo, an area that is equally interesting.

In Beo, you can hire a motorcycle or taxi for a long journey to the coast which is very fun if done on a motorbike. The first target is Riung village that located in Tampan Amma District, about 2 hours from Beo. Do not switch your view of the surrounding nature while on the trip because nature scenery of Karakelang Island is truly amazing. Once arrived at the beach village of Riung, you will definitely be made amazed. Exotic beach!

On the Beach Riung, there are giant-sized boulders as if protruding from the sea and piled on the waterfront. While hundreds of other stones is stretching into small islands that every time the waves slammed and creating a landscape that is really exciting, so you will not want to stop shooting at this beach. But do not rush to spend the memory card and your camera battery in Riung. Because this is just the beginning. Riung is the starting point of your cruise towards the end of the long beach.

Choosing to come evening time is the right choice, because at the time, residents in villages go down to the beach and spend the time that they pick the night. They do playing football, volleyball, traditional games, chase, swim and even you can see how the children of the island do surfing with makeshift equipment. Your journey will feel full because there is interspersed cross two small streams that must be passed by a raft ride. And on either side of the river, there is presented views of residents eager to catch fish with a net stocking.

Take a break at the end of the Ammat Village while waiting for sunset. Buy fish to local residents, and held barbecues party on the beach before you go home. Or if you prefer, set up a tent and enjoy adventurous night at the beautiful beach.

Article Source: travel.kompas.com