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    Harau Valley - One Of Beautiful Valleys in Lima Puluh Kota District, Indonesia

    1.5 hours journey from Bukittinggi to the west will not be in vain because you will be presented nature mountains that decorated with rows of beautiful waterfall with height about 100 meters. Not to mention where it is passed by four clear river that ready to spoil your eyes. Harau Valley is a fertile valley that located in Harau, Lima Puluh Kota District, West Sumatra Province. The valley is located about 138 km from Padang and about 47 km from Bukittinggi or about 18 km from Payakumbuh Town and 2 km from the center of the Lima Puluh Kota District administration. It is surrounded by steep colorful granite stone with a height of 100 to 500 meters. Available public transport is ready to take you who coming from Bukittinggi. Renting a minivan or motorcycle will ensure your visiting time in the highlands of Minangkabau more appropriate.

    This is one of the most beautiful valleys in Indonesia. Harau is believed to have originated from the word 'raucous', the local term which means hoarseness. In the past, people who lived on Mt. Jambu often against floods and landslides, causing commotion and panic. The inhabitants are screaming hysterically and eventually cause a hoarse voice. With characteristic hoarse voice of the inhabitants heard such an area called 'orau' and later changed its name to 'Arau' until the mention more often the 'Harau'. Traveling as far as 44 kilometers to Pekanbaru and Riau, you will stop in the Harau Valley with steep granite cliffs as high as 80-300 meters. Steep rock cliffs fence and straight upright reddish color are around the valley, so it has charming value and it's perfect for your viewing in photo recording.

    Harau Valley has a tropical climate and fertile land, also captivating beauty of natural scenery. Harau Valley is dubbed with the Yosemite Valley in Indonesia because it has beauty as Yosemite National Park which is located in the Sierra Nevada of California and this park is well known throughout the world. In Harau Valley, there is a waterfall named the Bunta Waterfall or local people usually call it with "Sarasah Bunta". This waterfall has fresh water from the highlands with three other waterfalls on this valley. Sarasah Bunta has a stratified beautiful when is reflected by sunlight like an angel who was in the shower, so it is the reason why this waterfall is called "Sarasah Bunta".

    Harau Valley is actually a nature reserve that covering an area of ​​669 hectares. The results of the geological survey team from Germany in 1980 found that the rock types in this area are identical to those found on the ocean floor in the form of rock breccias and conglomerates. Urban legends Aka Barayunjuga Sarasah told that around Harau Valley Nature Reserve was once the sea. Harau Valley is made up of three areas, namely Aka Barayu Resort, Sarasah Bunta Resort and Rimbo Piobang Resort. Aka Barayun Resort has a beautiful waterfall and swimming pools plus a beautiful natural shades. It also has the potential for the development of sport rock climbing because it has a steep rock and capable of reflecting sound (echo). There is also a form of homestay accommodation facility, complete with amenities. This is spot for sports lovers, such as rock climbing.

    Steep wall is not only an attraction for photographers, but rock climber is also interested to climb the wall in this valley where there are 300 locations of rock climbing. On the other hand, the steep rock cliff fence has created a beautiful relief and challenging, especially those of you who love the sport of rock climbing. Steepness of the cliff at this point is 90 degrees with the height of 150 to 200 meters. No one feels if the Harau Valley is a paradise for lovers of rock climbing.

    Article Source: travel.kompas.com

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    Harau Valley is actually a

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    This valley looks amazing!

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